Creating Art in the Landscape...

What to expect

When you schedule your first meeting with us it usually involves a walk around your property at which time we can discuss likes or dislikes, style of garden that you prefer, and any outdoor hardscape areas that you might be interested, eg. pond, gazebo, seating areas, firepit etc.  Once we have determined your style and what you want the function of your garden to be then the design process begins.  Our second meeting will involve drawings of design ideas and planting palettes, this is your opportunity to point out what you like and dislike about the design(s) so that adjustments can be made for the finished product.  Once we have come up with our final design we will submit an estimate to you and begin work at your and our earliest convenience.



This is where we can find out what you are truly looking for when it comes to your garden space, whether it be privacy, an entertainment space, a kitchen garden, etc.  This is also the time to discuss budgets and time lines.

With measurements in hand we are able to come up with a concept plan that shows all of the landscaping elements and planting configurations based on the information gathered during the consultation.


Here we take your garden design from concept to reality.  You will be able to watch as your garden transforms into an inviting space full of colours, textures, smells, flowers, etc. all based on your preferences.

If you are not confident in your ability to keep the garden flourishing we are more than happy to come up with a maintenance plan that can involve weeding, pruning, mulching, and irrigation.
 Garden Restoration

This is for gardens in need of repair or care. We can restore your garden to the beauty of it's original design, while using as much of the original materials and plants as possible. 
  Plant Sales

If you are a do-it-yourselfer we have a fully stocked nursery and can offer planting consultations, and delivery of plants.  If you wish to tour the nursery please call us to set up an appointment.