Creating Art in the Landscape...



Our thoughts

Living Art Landscaping is about forming a link between people, their environment, and art.  The art is found in the shapes, textures, colours, and smells that are introduced to the garden using plants, stones, and other materials.  Your garden becomes the canvas for all of these things to fuse together.  A garden should be an extension of your home or business; it should speak about who you are and what your tastes and interests are.  It is our goal to give you a reason to go outside, scenery to enjoy, a space to entertain in, a connection between you and nature.

About us

Jessica Walker:

Raised in the world of Landscape Design with her father, Guy Walker, at the helm it seems only natural that Jessica would be inspired to follow the same path herself.  Born and raised in St. Vincent, Jessica left for the USA at the age of 18 to obtain her Associate of Science degree in Environmental Horticultural Science followed by her Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture.  Her education and her artistic background give her the tools to create gardens that are truly unique and inspiring.

Tristan Hornsey:

Born in England and raised in St. Vincent, Tristan has always had an eye for structure, mechanics, and details.  This is what inspired him to move to England at the age of 16 and obtain his diploma in Mechanical Engineering.  His eye for the workings of things is what makes him a perfect compliment to the artistic nature of Living Art Landscaping.  Tristan's background in engineering allows him to decipher what is necessary to bring Living Art Landscaping's designs into reality.